Refinery process piping, tank farm piping, pumping systems, proover loops and manifolds, industrial gas systems, methane recovery systems, plant erection.

Since our first liquid pipeline system for Colonial Pipeline in 1964, we have grown to offer complete refinery and tank farm services from the tank nozzle through to the loading rack. We've constructed major operating systems for Amerada-Hess, BP, Buckeye, Chevron, Coastal, Colonial, Exxon, GATX, IMTT, Mobil, Northville, SOHIO, and Sun. Our services are diversified, from a Praxair ultra-clean oxygen system to a state-of-the-art compressed natural gas vehicle refueling system. In 1982, we expanded into Landfill Gas Recovery and have completed systems for Air Products from vertical wells to the thermal oxidizer.