The Napp-Grecco Company offers comprehensive construction services including Pipeline Construction, Utility Construction, Site Work Construction, Petrochemical Construction, Foundations and Structures, and a Material Division.

Pipeline Construction
Cross Country Projects, Highway Relocations, Meter Stations, Compressor Stations, Hydrostatic Testing, and Micro Tunneling.

Utility Construction
Natural Gas: mains, services, regulators and meters, directional drilling. Electrical: substations, conduit systems, and oil static lines. Telephone: environmental vaults, manholes and conduits, and direct burial cable.

Site Work Construction
Clearing and grading, sewer and water systems, and paving and beautification.

Petrochemical Construction
Refinery Process piping, tank farm piping, pumping systems, prover loops and manifolds, industrial gas systems, methane recovery systems, plant erection.

Foundations and Structures
Equipment foundations, substation structures, retention vaults, and control buildings.

Material Division
Asphalt Manufacturing, Specialty Mixes, Asphalt Recycling, Recycled Concrete Products, Earth Aggregate Separation.  Newark Asphalt Corporation was founded in 1965 to manufacture bituminous asphalt paving materials. Now it's New Jersey's premier manufacturer of quality asphalt from specialty bridge deck mixes to shock absorbent asphalt for athletic facilities. And when recycling was in its infancy, we erected our granulation unit to reprocess old asphalt into new base mix. Our new soils separation plant transofrms bulk pavement and excavation into road stone, pipe padding and a top soil base stock. We never apologize for the quality because we make it perfect every time!